Gilroy & Old GhostLittle Ghost Gilroy

Assigned to haunt the grand hall, Gilroy encounters many problems. The chain he must drag up and down the stairs are too heavy for him to lift and the suit of armor against the wall is downright scary. But worst of all, nobody is afraid of the new ghost. If he doesn't somebody, he'll lose his job.

Gilroy is befriended by the young Prince Humbert who has problems of his own. The next morning he is to be crowned king , but the Regent, his uncle, plots to steal the crown.

The two combine their skills to thwart the Regent and ensure Gilroy remains the resident haunt of the castle's main hall.

"Little Ghost Gilroy" was awarded a Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry by the American Center of l'Union International de la Marionnette.


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