After fifty-one years of performing, Luman Coad retired from the stage in 2012.

Coad Canada Puppets is no longer accepting bookings
and this website is for information only.

It's been a truly spectacular career filled with creativity, hard work, world-wide travels, wonderful international friendships,
and countless warm memories to visit should I ever get bored in retirement. (Little chance of that because
"retirement" means being busier than ever - and not being paid for it!)

I have been so very fortunate to have worked in the art
I love and with such terrific audiences of young people. Thank you.

The time has come to pass on the hard-earned knowledge by
mentoring the next generation of puppets,
conducting workshops,
and publishing books on puppetry and related arts.

I am currently working on a retrospective book with portraits of our puppets.

Luman Coad


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