Sleepy PollyPolly is a young child. Her world, filled with wonder and awe, is sometimes rather baffling because her imagination is interlinked with reality. Everyday objects assume new significance: a chair can become a mountain or a wild pony, a butterfly can inspire Polly to take wing. Is it reality or imagination? Exploring her surroundings with an expression of wide-eyed wonder, Polly captured the hearts of audiences around the world. She toured twice in Japan where she was affectionately known as "Pollychan." In Croatia the audiences began chanting her name during the performances to encourage her. She was embraced by children and adults across North America and from Sweden to Israel.


Through the special magic of the marionette (string puppet)
Arlyn and Luman Coad have captured the innocence
and wonder of childhood as if it were a butterfly in a jar."
Kate Zimmerman, Calgary Herald
"Arthur Koestler, the modern philosopher once wrote there are three types of stories;
there are the 'ha ha' stories that are humourous, the 'aha' stories that are of discovery,
and the 'ahh' stories that are of the sublime. Polly is one of those precious and
unique pieces which contains all three in one single story."
Ken Roberts, Richmond (BC) Public Library
"I don't have the words to describe the way I felt -
observing this small person from inside and out,
but in stillness, as though everything around had been
suspended, clarified, softened."
Lynn Brice Rooney, Discovery Theatre
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
"The highpoint (for me) was the latest glowing Coad Canada jewel.
Polly is a young girl with toys, she is also a marionette,
she doesn't speak but you know what she is thinking.
Words fail, you must see it."
Lettie C. Schubert, San Francisco
"An extraordinary experience in communication through mime.
The puppet was so alive that you knew Polly was seeing,
thinking, and responding. It really is a short course for anybody
- to take very simple materials and explore with great variety, great delicacy."
George Latshaw, editor
Puppetry Journal

"Polly" was awarded a Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry by the American Centre of l'Union Internationale de la Marionnette.


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