List of Productions
1966 - 2012

Adventures of Throckmorton, the Artist's Cat
Baba Yaga
Bigges' Little Circus
Bunyip, Pepper, and the Meanest Man in the World
Case of Vanishing Colours
Elephant's Child
Gift for Columbine
Great Garden Feud
Hans, the Mermaid's Son
Harlequin's Cloak
Little Ghost Gilroy
Master Peter's Puppet Show

Baba Yaga








"Baba Yaga"

Hans & Blacksmith








Blacksmith and Hans
"Hans, the Mermaid's Son"

Mr. Whipple's Whims
Oh Mother! A Pirate?
Once Upon an Egg
Pierrot at the Circus
Puppets are Fun
Secret Worlds
Snow Queen
The Boy Who Could Sing Pictures
The Box? A Show of Feelings
There's a Dinosaur in the Closet
Under the Grasses
Up Please!
What is a Bunyip?
Wonderful World of Cobbie Bean
Yellow-Haired Witch

Mrs Uptite










Mrs. Uptite and Wayne
"Pierrot at the Circus"

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