Up Please!

Angel & ImpTall golden gates perch atop a pillowy duvet of white clouds. Just outside them the top rung of Jacob's Ladder pokes through the clouds. A succession of Souls climb the ladder and apply for passage through the gates. After checking a large book, the Angel on duty admits some and rejects others.

Then an Imp appears and the orderly processing of applicants is disrupted - with unexpected results.

Designed by Arlyn Coad, the cast of hand puppets embodied the essence of goodness, impishness, and innocent (and not-so-innocent) bystanders. Written and performed by Luman Coad, the mime production delighted the eye and humours. Premiered at the 1999 National Festival of the Puppeteers of America, "Up Please!" was enthusiastically received by 700 puppeteers from around the world.

"...(a) masterpiece - and in my opinion the top show of the festival."
David C. Jones, Puppetry Journal, fall, 1999

"Up Please!" was awarded a Citation of Excellence in the Art of Puppetry by the American Center of l'Union Internationale de la Marionnette.  

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