If You Know It, Certify It

Our certifications reflect your commitment to excellence. Let us help you validate your achievements, product knowledge, and industry expertise.

Why Certify?

For Organizations:

  • Increase employee expertise and efficiency
  • Reduce employee turnover

For Individuals:

Technology Certification

Prove your product knowledge on a wide range of JJ竞技登录赛事 platforms:

Fundamentals and K–12 Core Certifications :

Fundamentals level and Core certifications are free to all JJ竞技登录赛事 customers who want to validate their product knowledge.

Professional Certifications :

Professional level certifications are included in your product’s  Learn More  or  Learn Everything  training subscription.

Organizational Best Practices Certification

Showcase your industry expertise with our Organizational Best Practices Fundraising and  Marketing certifications. These certifications correspond to the Fundraising and Marketing pillars of our Organizational Best Practices curriculum .

Certification opportunities are included in your Learn More , Learn Everything , or Organizational Best Practices training   subscription.

Training and Support

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