Production Title: "The Pigeoning"
Premiere Date: 8 October, 2013
Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.

Frank 1

Designer’s Statement

“My intention with this production was to create a complete and magical world for Frank, the main character, to exist in. I wanted to create sets and puppets that act almost as a living cartoon, sucking the audience in, making the puppeteers almost invisible. Trash is a major theme throughout the show. At the climax of the show, the city is flooded and Frank ventures underwater where the sea life is the trash come to life. Pizza boxes turn into sting rays, deli bags become jelly fish, take-out containers are clams, and a broken umbrella becomes an octopus.”

Pigeoning - 1Frank - 2

Jury’s Comment

“The design aesthetic for The Pigeoning has a satisfying unity and economy as fresh and unique as the story itself. The sets are unfussy but effective and the puppet of the main character, Frank, seems well-suited to the action required, lending itself to some very stylish manipulation. The underwater ‘creatures’ are a bonus.”

Frank 3Frank 4

Jury Members

Richard Bay
puppeteer &
college instructor
Sacramento, CA, U.S.A
Linda Leon
theatrical designer
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Richard Bradshaw
Bowral, NSW, Australia

Arlyn Award presentation

Robin Frohardt accepting the 2014 Arlyn Award trophy
from Peter Lewis at the September meeting of the
Puppetry Guild of Greater New York.


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