Production Title: “Arash”
Premiere Date: August, 2008
Tehran, Iran

Arash 3Arash 4

Designer’s Statement
“All the stones that I used were natural without any carving on them but sometimes pieces were added to them. Why stones? Arash is one of the oldest heroic and mythological Iranian stories from thousands of years ago. We searched for the old images for designing the characters but there weren’t any. I had to use the ancient elements and design by myself. It was unsatisfying for me. My designing wasn’t complete for the story but I had to be perfect because Iranian people love Arash and every illustration of him may be refused by them.”

Arash 1Arash 2

Arash 5Arash 6

 Jury’s Comment
“Despite this piece having no design drawings, it show consistency, energy, and atmosphere as reflected in the designer’s simple and direct statement. The overall impact is very interesting in terms of visual aesthetic – simple, sensitive, and direct. The idea of using a rock as raw material seems fully justified and gives a universal quality to a tale which appear to be based on archetypal values.”

Jury Members:

John Blundall
puppeteer, designer, director
Glasgow, Scotland
André Laliberté
director, Thêátre de l’Oeil
Montreal, PQ, Canada
Vandy Wood
theatrical designer
& college instructor
Orlando, FL, U.S.A.


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