Production Title: “Jack Pratchard”
Premiere Date: March, 2010
London, U.K.

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Designer’s Statement
“Inspired by nineteenth century paper toy theatres, I tried to invent a sort of home-made ‘theatre-machine.’ I really wanted to explore the medium of painted cardboard and paper, with increasingly elaborate means.”

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Jury’s Comment

“Jack Pratchard is an original, innovative concept with an effective, unified design. This very ‘black’ tale is made less confronting by the use of the two-dimensional figures. The dynamic movement of both characters and clever scenic elements is very effective. Framing, composition, and use of scale are delightful. Very exciting.”

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Jury Members

Richard Bradshaw
Bowral, NSW, Australia
André Laliberté
director, Thêátre de l’Oeil
Montreal, PQ, Canada
Vandy Wood
theatrical designer
& college instructor